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Web Based System

You should be able to use this software from any ware with the help of a browser. They are powerful and very easy to use. Even though you get to access this software over internet, you need a proper browser to use it.

User Friendly Interface

SmartSchool Software is a Pleasant and user friendly Application with dynamic Form Allocation and contains various portal like Admin, Staff, Student, Parent & Group. Users can retrieve information with minimum clicks.

Developed in ASP.NET

SmartSchool application is developed by using ASP.Net 4.5, Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual Studio Team 2012 & SQL server 2012. And also used other developing tools like Ajax, Java Script, HTML, RDLC and SSIS.

Flexible Pricing

SmartSchool is always ready to provide their service with irrespective of School Financial Strength. It contains flexibility in pricing with different plans depending on client requirements.

Support and Backup

Backup Modules comes up with the feature of MIS providing the option of downloading confidential backup in the form of Spread Sheets. As of now Smart School provides various backup sets.


SmartSchool contains High-level built-in security to prevent unauthorized users from access. And also contains user-level authorization of modules. It enables users to access application only within their circle.

Stake Holders of SmartSchool

Group Portal
Admin Portal
Staff Portal
Parent Portal
Student Portal

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