SmartSchool allows schools to host , administer, create, deliver, manage, track and report on all of the instruction, training and development activities carried out for students and staff. It helps teachers to monitor student progress, administer homework and assignments and generate reports to plan instruction more carefully thereby improving student academic performance. Parents can oversee their child’s academic performance and receive regular communication from the school management about their wards progress. Our system includes integrated e-mail and SMS messaging, comprehensive management reporting, web/online administration, calendar integration widgets and customized content development.

Core Features

A set of below modules covering the basic needs of an educational institution is available to you. With the latest information presented to you for convenient access which helps build a successful and sustainable school environment.

Adminstration Student registration can be done by capturing all details.
Management It has exclusive features in building growth in student’s attendance.
Course & Batch
Management One time creation & dynamic allocation of Courses & batches.
Management Online & Manual Leave Application forms are available.
Diary & Homework
Administration Tracking of homework to enhance Students Performance.
Examination Examinations can be held in both Grade System & Mark System.
Class Timetable Automatically detects any overlaps of schedules of Class Timetable.
Management everaging the pressure on faculty members and infrastructure
Comprehensive HR
& Payroll system Organizing all details of Employees & auto generation of payroll.
Management It provides an effective way to manage all Income & Expenditures.
Reports & Graphs Contains various reports & Graphs to enhance their performance.
Event Calendar Easy way to intimate all users about school events.
Communication Has a facility to communicate internally between Admin, Staff & Parents.
SMS Integration The institute can Accelerate and expand communications with SMS.
Email Integration Has a facility to communicate with parents & third party.
Management The solution offers simple way to maintain school’s financial records.
Backup Data It provides an option of downloading sensitive data.
Dynamic Menu
Allocation Depending on user type menus will be allocated dynamically.

Other Modules

Virtual Class room
Discussion Forum
Online Exam

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